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About Tommie

Financial Planner

After 10 years as a professional football player, playing for Watford FC, Blackburn FC and Aberdeen I retired at the age of 28 to become a financial planner. In the early days of my career I had dreams and expectations of playing in the Premier League and having a long career late into my thirties. This never quite materialised, and due to a variety of reasons I fell out of love with playing the game professionally.

My goal now is to help as many other people and footballers as I can to plan for their financial future, so that they are in the position to take control of their lives and do more of the things they really want to do.

Tommie's Journey:


Promotion to Premier League


Retired from Football


Professional debut with Watford FC


Move to Aberdeen FC


Launched Hoban Wealth

Jim Hoban

Chartered Financial Planner

Jim's Journey:


Jim worked at HSBC from 1991-2011 in various roles from sales management to financial advising. After 20 enjoyable years, he decided it was time to step away from the bank and he created Hoban Financial Planning Ltd. 


Throughout his career, he has built long term relationships with all of his clients and their families, helping them to navigate their way financially through their lives. His passion is all around helping clients feel secure and safe in their financial future. 


Jim works with clients from all walks of life and has helped them develop financial plans that enable them to live life to the full, and cope with all the potential challenges they may face. 


Away from financial planning, he's a big Chelsea fan and has won several trophies as manager of Tommie’s under seven’s football team. He and his wife Valerie love to go on walks in the Pyrenees and spend precious time with their two grandchildren.

Launched Hoban Financial Planning


Independent Financial Adviser at HSBC



Started work with HSBC


HSBC Area Sales Manager

Contact us:


Hi, I'm Tommie Hoban

After spending 10 years as a professional footballer, I retired from the game and began my journey towards being a financial planner.

The only reason I was able to do this was down to the expert financial planning I had throughout my life and some of the crucial decisions that were made early on.

Get in touch today for a free, no obligation consultation and we can start building your future now.

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